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Helping ‘Studying Mothers’ in the Netherlands

The Smurfit Kappa Foundation provide funds to the ‘Studying Mothers’ organisation to help women with family responsibilities to access, or futher, their education.

The ‘Studying Mothers’ organisation understands that pregnancy or study in combination with family responsibilities can be very stressful. It also recognises that student mothers face numerous problems accessing or re-entering education and studies are often hampered due to childcare issues.

The Smurfit Kappa Foundation was approached by ‘Studying Mothers’ to help a number of women who were unable to access education due to the cost of childcare.  The funding provided by the Smurfit Kappa Foundation ensures that the childcare costs for children up to the age of 7 are covered for mothers trying to create a better life for themselves and their children by going back to college to get an education.


On a wider lever, ‘Studying Mothers’ have a website ( that provides a digital meeting place for student parents, enabling them to exchange experiences. The website also serves as a source of information for professionals such as social workers, counselors, teachers and academic career coach.