Sturovo Orphanage| Slovakia

The Smurfit Kappa Foundation was invited to participate in the renovation of an orphanage at Štúrovo, in southern Slovakia. 

The orphanage is a charitable organisation and it is housed within a building that was a refuge for Jewish children after the Second World War. Since 1960, it has helped children of all backgrounds, living in the poorest conditions.  The orphanage itself houses 35 children, ranging in age from one to 23 years old.

Through a general lack of upkeep, various facilities within the orphanage had fallen into disrepair and the condition of the courtyard had become dangerous for the children. Local fund-raising efforts raised enough to enable building works to be carried out but did not provide enough to continue with external areas. This external area is quite large and was in a state of very poor disrepair. As part of the remit of the orphanage is to encourage children to participate in team activities outside, it was important that these issues could be addressed so that they would have safe amenities in which to play. Playing areas needed re-surfacing, playgrounds needed new facilities for the smallest children and outdoor seating was required to facilitate outdoor classes. The children of the orphanage enjoy sports like basketball, cycling and skating. Though they had the equipment, they lacked the surfaces on which to partake of these activities.

The expected investment was €30,000 to cover all works, including the creation of new play spaces, resurfacing the yards and creating safer communal areas for the children of the orphanage. Smurfit Kappa Foundation agreed to fund this renovation in 2018. Once the new facilities are opened to the children, they will derive considerable benefit from the upgraded grounds.


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