Walburgisheim | Germany

Walburgisheim is a social facility located in Feucht, Germany, not far from Smurfit Kappa’s local corrugated plant. It is a facility which provides services for approximately 40 children and adolescents from disadvantaged areas. 

Their aim is to provide education to these children and supports their individual development based on Christian core values. 

The Smurfit Kappa Foundation had already aided the facility in 2016. Now, in 2018, the facility has a much larger maintenance backlog. These include:

  • Poorly ventilated bathrooms, with severe mould
  • An outdated kitchen, insufficient to support the needs of the children its nourishing
  • Damaged fencing
  • Overall paintwork required throughout
  • A new playground for young children to help develop attentive play and motor skills

The overall cost of the project is €100,000. Smurfit Kappa Foundation is delighted to contribute to the development of this facility in a town where Smurfit Kappa has a base. While contributing a proportion of the project cost, a team of 50 Smurfit Kappa graduates, including senior management, will volunteer to provide the labour required to complete this project. We are honoured to work with Walburgisheim again, a very worthwhile cause and provide the groundwork for a healthy future for the facility so that it may continue to provide for those in need in the Feucht area


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